Bakery Safety

Bakery Safety

This article on Bakery Safety is the first in our series around safety in the workplace for specific industries. When you think of the bakery industry you think of delectable breads, pastries, cookies, cakes; all things delicious! But at Safety Toe Shoes USA and our sister company, Safety Company, our thoughts are around bakery safety in the workplace.

The bakery industry has the following workplace injury concerns:

  • Slip, trip and falls
  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Toe crushing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

There are two ways to approach workplace injuries. The first is to deal with injuries after they happened. The second way, which is ideal, is with preparation and prevention. Injuries may be inevitable but the majority can be prevented and the ones that happen, you can be prepared to deal with an efficient manner.

A huge consideration for businesses, is keeping costs down and in particular avoiding unnecessary expenses. Of course, no good business owner wants their employees to be injured on the job. But there are practical concerns that workplace injuries create such as the financial cost, the lost labor hours and delays in delivering customers orders.

Aside from meeting OSHA requirements, prevention and preparation lets employees know that you are conscientious and caring employer. Let’s look at some measures that help prevent injuries in the workplace.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

As owners and managers in the bakery industry know, the first step in preventing slip, trip, and fall type of accidents is keeping floors clean and dry. In an environment where you use slippery ingredients like oil, milk and eggs, cleanup is a priority and something as simple as wet floor signs can prevent a bad fall. Proper footwear is the number one way to prevent painful costly injuries from falling. Here are some examples of the reusable, size adjustable overshoes that we offer for employees, visitors and managers:

Easy Grip – For greasy, wet and slipping surfaces. Fits over most shoes and boots.

Easy Max – Non-Slip Overshoes designed to fit over work boots and over-sized shoes

Toe Crushing Injuries

Protection from toe crushing injuries may not be one of the safety concerns that immediately come to mind with regard to bakery safety. Large businesses and commercial bakeries often have heavy shipments of oil and other baking ingredients. There are also times when loading and unloading heavy trays or boxes can create an injury risk for workers feet.

But at Safety Toe Shoes USA we have a number of excellent toe protection overshoes that are:

  • Reusable
  • Adjustable to a range of shoe sizes
  • Visitor Overshoe fits ladies shoes with heels
  • Easy Grip fits over shoes and boot up to size 13!
  • Made with Durable Strength Rubber Composition
  • Protective Toe Cap is made with Aluminum/Titanium
  • Sustainable, recyclable materials

Visitor Overshoes – Safety Toe Premium Protection has a slip resistant sole and affords toe protection as well.

 Cuts and Burns Prevention for Bakery Safety

Any industry that uses sharp implements and cooking needs to be prepared for cuts and burns. The key here is to prevent or minimize the risk of serious injury.

For example the right kind of cutting gloves and heat-rated hand protection, can prevent and most assuredly minimize any injuries that may happen.

Safety Company carries a very comprehensive line of hand safety gloves made with various materials, including latex, padded cotton and nitrile dipped for cut-resistant and acrylic, fiberglass and wool for gloves that handle up to 2,000 degrees. 



First Aid Stations and Kits

Many commercial bakeries and boutique specialty bakeries, restaurants, food processing plants always keep the necessary first aid supplies at work for their employees.

OSHA site for first aid kits recommendations: Medical and First Aid – Overview | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Food Production Safety & Cleanliness

Disposable clothing, Bouffant caps & hairnets are part of the food safety guidelines.  Our  daily-use safety products are very lightweight and well made.  The innovative materials are breathable, comfortable, help to increase airflow, thereby keeping the workers cool and comfortable.  The hard working men and women will appreciate the comfortable disposable protective equipment because it keeps them clean and safe.  In addition, everyone can have peace of mind, knowing that the high quality baked goods are delicious, clean, and are being produced in a safe and healthy environment

  • Disposable Protective Clothing –  Clean, lightweight & breathable, keeping the workers cool and comfortable
  • Bouffant Caps & Hairnets  Breathable, non-woven material hair cover with a comfortable elastic contour to keep your hair in a secured position.  Helps to keep your eyes & face comfortable while working.
  • Bouffant cap and beard combo are ideal for the male staff.  Helps to keep their hair and beard clean.  An excellent choice for food production safety.
  • High Temperature Gloves – Excellent PPE Hand Protection & Burn Prevention.

Problems  Of Not Having Proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Protection:

Painful injuries, high costs of insurance, high costs of medical compensation, possible citation from OSHA are just a few of the everyday situations that any good business must be prepared to prevent and address.

Safety managers at commercial bakeries have been on a look out for the best personal protective equipment (PPE) for their workers.  We know how hard you and your staff have been working to consistently produce high quality products to your customers.  We’re here to help, so you can feel that your whole operation is covered.

Our PPE products aren’t only designed to protect.  They’re also made with innovative, breathable, and flexible materials to help workers feel comfortable throughout the work day.  Whether your business chooses to address bakery safety with disposable PPE products or reusable PPE products, rest assured that we’ll provide you with the most durable safety equipment.

Please call our office to speak with a safety professional! 1-800-310-(SAFE) 7233   Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PST  or  “live chat” at

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