Business Tips to Have a Safe and Happy New Year

Business Tips to Have a Safe and Happy New Year

Here are some tips about how to have a safe and happy New Year for business owners and their employees.

Did you know that employee job satisfaction can result in better productivity?

As small and large companies setting new business goals in 2019, it’s important for managers and business owners to think about promoting a positive working environment while helping workers achieve a higher degree of job satisfaction. Mountains of data show that happy employees help defray costs both in productivity and turnover which raises profits.

When workers are happy on the job, they will automatically help contribute to the company’s success and are far less likely to seek employment elsewhere. It’s a well-known fact that although monetary compensation is a big factor in finding and keeping good workers, a happy workplace with lower stress levels, is a big factor in retention.

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that less than 50% of the workers are pleased with their current job.  Unhappy workers lack the drive and motivation to be creative or the desire to excel within their job responsibilities. They have little incentive to perform at their best or to display an incredibly valuable trait – loyalty.

When companies neglect to improve known issues in their working environment, it leads to a measurable decline in productivity and expensive sick day and turnover.  Furthermore, there is statistically increases the risk of injuries.  It is due to the fact that when workers are unhappy or stressed, they tend to not pay full attention to the safety guidelines and requirements.  Unfortunately, this can create more accidents on the job.

The Value of Happiness in the Workplace

Businesses productivity and bottom line can suffer when employees are unhappy or have the experience of not being valued. Avoid this by fostering a positive company culture that encourages teamwork, contribution and sense of purpose. Moral, productivity, company reputation, and profitable increase, turnover, injuries, and profits increase when employees are satisfied with their workplace culture.

So what are some basic steps that employers can take to set a happy, productive company culture?

  • Hire people with great attitudes that are willing to learn. Loyalty increases, good habits can be instilled when you give bright, willing people the opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Give employees the proper training on the job. Sounds like common sense, but too often hiring is done when things are in flux or staffing is shorthanded. This is an expensive, chaotic and rarely successful time to hire. Have training programs outlined and make no exceptions around shortcutting the process. Many businesses are moving toward Learning Management Systems (LMS) that allow new employees to self-train a good part of their new responsibilities and company guidelines.
  • Train employees how to have a great attitude even when the customers or job duties are challenging. You are teaching valuable life lessons that will serve them outside their job as well.
  • Ask other team members or managers for help. Draw on the talent in your company. Foster teamwork.
  • Be supportive when employees need to improve and when they do well. It’ll help them build confidence, and in return, the workers will feel much happier knowing that their efforts are noticed in a positive way.
  • Encourage wellness programs at work. Reward lunch and break time walks. Even 10 minutes helps. If you have room for a gym or exercise room, great!
  • Provide a list of healthy lunch options from nearby restaurants. In this day and age of fast food, eateries with better choices are easily overlooked.
  • Encouraged a balanced home/work life. There is nothing wrong with hard work but if it’s at the expense of family and health rather than complements off hours, employees will be stressed and less productive. Create some flexibility with scheduling so that employees can responsibly take time for important family events and health issues.
  • Provide a community bulletin board with health tips like infographics on the importance of quality sleep or exercise. Employees can use the board to share their family pictures, pets, and other shareworthy posts.

Workplace Socialization

  • Encourage small group discussions and brainstorming among employees.
  • Organize company parties, picnics or lunch breaks to celebrate birthdays, milestone successes and holidays.
  • Give breaks at the same time to walk buddies.
  • Keep the company’s social media top of mind and encourage participation and ideas for posting.
  • Make employees feel they are part of the company’s success by giving updates, sharing growth targets and creating rewards structures.

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