Puncture Resistant Shoe Protection by Tiger Grip

Puncture Resistant Shoe Protection by Tiger Grip

Do you need puncture-resistant foot protection? You do if you work in environments that have potentially hazardous elements.  Some of these dangerous elements are broken glass,  rusty nails, sharp metal scraps, and other sharp hardware pieces that can easily pierce through the soles of your feet.

If that’s the case at your workplace, then you’ll need to protect your feet with a pair of high-quality puncture-resistant shoes.

The puncture wound injuries caused by sharp objects can cause immense pain, harmful infections, throbbing & swelling, and can also lead to serious feet damages, thus affecting your overall well-being.

Strong Foothold with Puncture Resistant Shoes

Tiger Grip is the leading designer and manufacturer of safety toe overshoes,  anti-slip overshoes, and puncture-resistant overshoes in North America & in Europe. They lead the industry in foot protection.

In many of the leading manufacturing industries, hard-working men and women primarily focus on the productivity and efficiency of their jobs.  However, having to worry about possible workplace injuries would surely interfere with their work efficiency.  Workers that have the proper “All-In-One”  footwear protection can help ease their minds concerning injuries.

The latest innovation from Tiger Grip is the  “All-In-One” safety overshoes. Tiger Grip uses state-of-the-art technology and strong kevlar materials to manufacture safety overshoes with excellent anti-puncture protection.  The puncture-resistant overshoes have a special steel plate between the insoles of the shoes and the soles.  Thus, the durable steel plate can effectively protect workers’ feet against sharp metal shavings, broken glass, sharp needles, sharp hardware pieces, and multitudes of other hazardous piercing objects.

Distinctive Workplace Footwear Features

The Tiger Grip premium safety toe shoes also have slip-resistant soles with a very high standard of coefficient.  It is especially made for anti-slip strong surface grips. With the added built-in safety toe caps, it will surely protect workers from high impact & heavy falling objects, while avoiding unnecessary toe crushing injuries.

The special puncture-resistant feature in Tiger Grip’s overshoes has unique designs that include a full kevlar outsole, and a full composite steel plate at the midsole & steel plate at the heel to protect against all sharp objects and painful puncture wounds.  Its excellent puncture-resistant system meets and exceeds the  ASTM F2412-11 standards, which protects workers against the risks of perforation under the soles of the feet. The kevlar puncture-resistant soles can generously cover the overall extension and size of your work shoes or work boots.  The strong kevlar will stop sharp objects in its track from piercing straight through your feet.

With the Tiger Grip puncture-resistant overshoes’ flexible materials and designs,  you can easily slip on the safety overshoes to cover your regular work shoes or regular work boots. In less than a few seconds,  you can instantly have the best puncture-resistant shoe protection from many different types of dangerous & harmful debris or other hazardous piercing objects.

Visitor Integral With Straps

Visitor Integral With Straps

  • Anti-slip overshoe with safety cap and anti-puncture sole
  • Composition: Rubber + aluminium/titanium toe cap + composite textile sole
  • Professional use: Slip resistance, toes, and soles of the feet protection.
  • Secure moves in the workplace.
  • Anti-puncture sole made of composite textile
  • Toe cap made of aluminum/titanium. Ultralight!
  • Outstanding grip coefficient
  • Multidirectional straps: secure hold of the foot
  • Only 4 sizes to cover from Sizes 4 to 12
  • Color code to track sizes
  • Can be adapted to most kinds of footwear
  • Reusable
  • Mixed Tiger-grip ® sole for indoor and outdoor use

Foot Protection In The Work Place

When workers are working hard all day in the manufacturing plants, industrial sites, storage, or distribution facilities, industrial buildings, a comprehensive foot protection program must be adhered to by all employees & its visitors.  Tiger Grip utilizes the latest technology advancements to meet those critical needs.  Tiger Grip continues to be the leader of innovation in making the best safety overshoes.

Some of the important areas that a good foot protection program should address are high-impact toe crushing injuries, slip trip, & fall accidents, and also puncture-resistant footwear against sharp piercing objects.

When working in places where there are risks and threats of sharp nails & metal shavings puncturing through the soles of the feet, employers, workers, and visitors should be made aware of the safety guidelines for everyone.

Throughout the employees’ busy working days, they don’t always see dangerous sharp objects lying around on the floor and at nearby workstations. Wearing a pair of puncture-resistant safety overshoes, with durable metal plates between the insoles & outsoles of the safety overshoes is necessary for the workplace.  In addition, it helps to safeguard workers against sharp objects penetrating or piercing through the bottom of the feet.

Easy Safety Footwear Solutions

Easy Safety Footwear Solutions

Tiger Grip’s safety shoes provide a complete 3-in1 footwear solution.  The safety features are rigorously tested for superior performance.

  • The puncture-resistant overshoes are corrosion resistant
  • It has the anti-puncture outsole, steel midsole plate, and steel plate at the heal
  • The lightweight aluminum/titanium alloy tip is 50% lighter than the regular steel toe shoes

These shoes can withstand the impact-resistant of 101,7 J and the crushing-resistant of 11,12kN from heavy rolling and heavy falling objects.

Environmentally Friendly, Ergonomic Safety Overshoes that are Puncture Resistant

Tiger Grip’s Premium Safety Toe Protection overshoes are “All-In-One” safety overshoes.  It’s designed to be worn indoors or out!

Both of the Tiger Grip Total Protect Plus safety overshoes and the Premium Visitor Integral safety overshoes can provide workers and plant visitors with superior safety toe features.  It has puncture-resistant shoe protection, and it’s also very lightweight. In addition, it’s anti-slip against wet and slippery surfaces. Tiger Grip overshoes are fully adaptable to many kinds of regular footwear.
Puncture resistant Total Protect slip on

1) Tiger Grip Total Protect Plus Safety Overshoes:  Superhero #1 in the workplace…puncture, crush, AND slip-resistant! Slips over shoes up to size 13.

2) Tiger Grip Premium Integral Workers & Visitors: Superhero #2 in the workplace…puncture, crush, AND slip-resistant! Goes on like a quick change hero with a strap to hold it in place over many kinds of shoes. Perfect for visitors too!

Going Green…

Tiger Grip uses environmentally friendly rubber trees to produce the rubber composite safety overshoes.  It’s flexible, stretchable. The comfortable flexible designs will give your feet a snug fit and keep your feet feeling good all day.  It’s waterproof, durable, easily washable, and reusable for many years to come.  Furthermore, when workers wear a pair of flexible and comfortable safety shoes, they can easily move around the work facilities.

Instant I.D. & Easy Slip-On Overshoes

Tiger Grip color-codes the safety overshoes for easy size identifications.
  • The patented technology and the comfortable designs of Tiger Grip overshoes are carefully manufactured to accommodate many shoe sizes.  From sizes 5-13+.
  • The safety overshoes have patented accordion designs for superior comfort. Some safety overshoes designs also have easily adjustable & flexible straps.

The insole support of the Total Protect Tiger Grip safety overshoes will keep your feet ergonomically and economically happy!

  • Composition: Rubber and protective toe cap in aluminum/titanium
  • Professional use: Prevents injuries in the workplace: Slips and toe crushing
  • Aluminum/titanium toe cap: Ultralight!
  • Outstanding grip coefficient
  • Stretch fit structure: 4 Sizes to cover from 4 to 12
  • Color code to track sizes
  • Can be adapted to most kinds of footwear
  • Reusable – waterproof
  • Tiger-grip ® antislip sole with self-cleaning studs

Ask your workplace supervisor to contact us about its foot protection program and put on a pair of Tiger Grip safety overshoes today. (626) 608-9878

Tiger Grip safety overshoes
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