Restaurant Safety – Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Restaurant Safety – Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

With the recent openings of our economy, kitchens across the country are busy again cooking up delicious meals for their customers. Busy days mean extra attention to restaurant safety on the part of managers and workers.

Slip trip & fall accidents can happen anytime in the kitchen areas. It is considered the most common workplace hazard in the restaurant and food service industries. The National Safety Council estimates that over 25,000 slip and fall accidents occur at restaurants across the U.S. These kinds of accidents often lead to severe injuries, loss of workdays, and costly insurance claims & cost increases.


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Causes of Slip Trip & Fall Accidents:

  • Wet floors
  • Greasy floors
  • Slippery floors
  • Uneven walking surface or poor transitions of different floor types
  • Food scraps that fall on the floor
  • Spills
  • Clutter like boxes,
  • Footwear that doesn’t have a strong grip or provide good traction.

How do owners and managers stress restaurant safety to protect their front-of-the-house staff and kitchen staff from slip, trip, and fall accidents? Effective Solutions to Prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents:

  • Clean up spills immediately. It’s tempting in the heat of a busy time, to throw a towel over a spill, but accidents happen in a split second.
  • Place warning signs for wet & slippery floors. If you cannot get to a hazardous spill or area right away or a floor is wet after clean up a sign is a quick and easy way to prevent falls.
  • Keep the work areas clean. A practice of cleaning as you go is one of the simplest ways to prevent accidents and keeps the restaurant looking its best.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor. A dirt simple way, no pun intended, to practice restaurant safety is frequent attention to the floors.
  • Eliminate clutter. Surprisingly, clutter is an all too often source of accidents. Stocking the kitchen, service areas, boxes and racks become sure fired tripping hazards for busy workers.
  • Wear non-slip restaurant shoes or overshoes. It may seem obvious but not all employees can afford the best footwear for restaurant safety.  Reusable non-slip overshoes are a fast and adaptable solution that managers can provide.
  • Use non-slip mats for greasy areas. It may go without saying, but the cooks’ line, dishwashing, and service areas need heavy-duty mats for both employee safety and comfort. Restaurant workers spend hours on their feet and the proper mats can save on fatigue and accidents.
  • Make sure that the walkways are clear of any obstructions. Unexpected obstacles are a big hazard to workers who move faster as the restaurant gets busier.
  • Have good lighting so the staff can see clearly when moving around. Some restaurants are dimly lit for mood setting. If need be use runway lights in places that present issues for restaurant safety.
  • No running in the kitchen, no matter how busy or rushed you may feel! Aside from tripping, collisions are one of the sources of preventable and often severe accidents.

Employers are responsible for the safety of their staff. In workplaces where the staff spend a considerable amount of time working around greasy, oily, or wet, floors, it’s crucial to have footwear that has anti-slip properties as well as puncture resistance.

Safety Features & Benefits of Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes from Tiger Grip:

Non-slip restaurant shoes from Tiger Grip offer full protection for men and women working in the restaurant and foodservice industry. Its innovative safety features are critical in preventing slip, trip, and fall accidents. Tiger Grip’s non-slip restaurant shoes offer flexible and streamline foot protection.

Visitor overshoe easy on
Visitor overshoe easy on

In the past, workers and employers had to buy expensive restaurant non-slip shoes to prevent fall injuries. Tiger Grip now offers a complete line of innovative, stylish, comfortable non-slip restaurant shoes. They are easy to put on, reusable and adaptable to most size shoes and boots.

Tiger Grip’s safety shoe products meet and exceed American and European Testing Standards. It can help to protect the restaurant staff from many different kinds of slippery surfaces. Restaurant workers will need to have the proper nonslip shoes while working in dangerous and slippery areas. Many of the restaurant workers spend many long hours within that environment.

Having a pair of reliable and comfortable safety shoes will most certainly give the workers & their families peace of mind. The restaurant environment often requires workers to move around a lot during their shifts. It’s nice to know that Tiger Grip’s safety overshoes are economical, comfortable and help workers move around easily and effortlessly throughout the day. When restaurant safety is paramount, Tiger Grip comes to the rescue.

Tiger Grip’s nonslip overshoes will fit over all kinds of footwear. The Visitor safety overshoes have a flexible adjustable strap that will fit over casual shoes, sports shoes, and even high heels for front-of-the-house staff. It’s been rigorously tested and is proven to deliver protection from slips, trips, and falls. Made with high-quality, natural rubber materials, Tiger Grip’s nonslip soles has outstanding grip coefficient on any surface. It’s especially tough on wet and greasy floors. The workers will feel safe, stable, and with ease of movement on slippery and wet surfaces. It also exceeds the standards of tear, abrasion, and oil resistant.

When restaurant workers wear Tiger Grip nonslip overshoes, they will benefit from the safety features. In addition, it’s durable and is guaranteed to support and protect the workers on a daily basis. There are even non-slip overshoes for boots and large sizes!

Safety Toe Shoes USA is Tiger Grip representative and offers the best prices on the internet! You will save on each pair and we offer free shipping! Order multiple pairs today! Contact us directly for bulk orders.


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