We know you care about your workers’ & guests’ safety and comfort.

Safety Toe Shoes USA is the superior alternative to steel-toe shoes. The best foot protection solution for workers and visitors. With a complete line of revolutionary light-weight titanium toe overshoes, workers on the job are entirely protected and in compliance with safety regulations.

Employers worldwide are responsible for the safety of millions of employees. Each year, approximately 5,500 cases of slip & fall injuries are reported to state and federal agencies. Many of these incidents can be prevented.

With physically demanding jobs in various manufacturing, restaurant, and engineering facilities, proper foot protection is essential in protecting employees and visitors from possible foot injuries.

Some of the common injuries are cuts, puncture wounds, heavy falling objects that cause painful impacts, heavy machinery, and tools that can crush toes and feet. These injuries can also result in broken bones, feet crushing, and even loss of toes.

In the long run, taking precautionary measures, like having the proper safety toe shoes to reduce risks in the workplace is crucial. Foot protection programs in the workplace are important decisions for a company’s employees and its visitors.

Safety Toe Shoes USA is an innovator in reusable foot protection for employees and guests.

Since 2009, Tiger Grip has been the innovative leader in foot protection gears. The revolutionary lightweight titanium overshoes are a superior choice for foot protection in the workplace. In addition to the essential safety requirements, comfort and affordability are important factors for workers to consider for their safety overshoes. The complete line of Tiger Grip safety toe shoes is engineered to be easily put on in less than 10 seconds.

Safety hazards come in many different forms and exist in every workplace. The best way to protect workers is to anticipate these accidents in advance, and control the hazards to help prevent unnecessary injuries. When a plant safety audit is done properly, the correct personal protective equipment must be used.

Safety shoes or boots with impact protection are suggested for carrying or handling materials such as packages, objects, parts, or heavy tools, which could be dropped; and, for other activities where objects might fall onto the feet.

Safety shoes or boots with compression protection are suggested for work activities involving skid trucks, bulk rolls (such as paper rolls), and heavy pipes, all of which could potentially roll over an employee’s feet.

Each employee working in manufacturing facilities, engineering plants, restaurant facilities, hospitality facilities, and medical facilities should wear protective footwear. Especially when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to potential rolling objects, falling objects, objects that can pierce the sole, and where such employees are exposed to slip and fall hazards.

Protective Safety Toe Shoes USA are marked with the Tiger Grip trademark and logo. The Tiger Grip safety toe shoes have passed the rigorous testing standards of safety and performance. The federal standards of safety for foot protection does not allow any add-on devices. For the optimal worker’s foot protection regulations, it is required that all safety toe shoes, safety toe caps, or metatarsal guard must be designed, constructed, tested, and manufactured directly into the protective safety footwear.

Lightweight but superior foot and toe protection that are easy to put on and take off.

Having the proper footwear is a major part of personal protection equipment. Not only do they protect workers’ feet from hazardous risks, but they also provide comfort. The advanced flexible materials help the workers to feel comfortable while standing and walking on the job daily. In addition, it inspires confidence to users which can help to increase productivity in the workplace.

Tiger Grip’s complete line of safety toe caps is made from aluminum, titanium alloy material, and special composites. It is extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and offer the ultimate protection from feet and toe-crushing hazards. The “Traction Coefficient Technology” on the soles of the overshoes grip tightly to any slippery surfaces. It has passed the high standards of performance testing and complies with the American and European Safety Standards.

The best part about Tiger Grip overshoes is it allows workers to move comfortably, easily, and effortlessly in and out of the workplace.


Safety Toe Shoes USA helps a fantastic range of industries keep employees and visitors safe!