7 Tips to Staying Healthy and Sane Working from Home

7 Tips to Staying Healthy and Sane Working from Home

Below are some tips for workers workings at home during Covid-19 and beyond.

During the difficult times of Covid-19, and even if you are simply a remote worker, we know that there are challenges and long-term effects. The sedentary environment may increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

Below are seven tips for working from home to enjoy the freedom of choosing a flexible schedule and creating a healthy lifestyle.

7 Tips to Staying Healthy and Sane Working from Home

1) Stretch your neck, arms, and legs regularly

Full body stretches help to relieve tension and increases blood flow. This will help your muscles to relax and help to prevent muscle aches and pains.

Sitting at a computer for hours a day eventually leads to neck or back pain for many people. One of the simplest ways to prevent and even treat these predictable body aches and pains is with stretching. Mild traction stretching, which helps separate the spinal vertebra it Is particularly helpful for neck and back pain.

Stretch your neck, arms, and legs regularly

2) Keep yourself moving while on the phone

Walking around slowly in your home office or work area helps you to increase your blood flow, and helps to burn calories.

 Being too sedentary, like sitting all day, has predictable, adverse effects on our health. Our lymphatic system relies on muscle movement to flush the lymphatic accumulation through our system. When lymph fluid collects, usually in the lower extremities, it can make you feel tired and sluggish, even painful, if too much fluid pools in the legs.

3) Remember to go for a walk during breaks

A short walk around your neighborhood will help you get some fresh air and clear your mind. When you spend your break time going for a walk, it’ll help you to squeeze in some valuable exercise and feel better.

 This simple practice is essential for another reason. Many studies have shown that mood is affected positively by light exercise. Depression, even temporary, situational depression can be relieved by taking walks on a regular basis.

4) Free Weights to tone your muscles

After the age of 50, people tend to lose 2-3% of muscle mass per year due to the natural aging process. However, by keeping free weights near your desk, you can easily lift a few pounds of weights or dumbbells to keep your muscles strong.

 Having a higher muscle mass will also help you to burn more calories during the day at any age, and you are never too young to think about protecting your body as it ages. Besides, we look our best when our muscles are defined.

5) Use a compact adjustable computer stand on the desk, or use a standing desk

A higher computer stand, a high workstation, or a standing desk can also help you to stay physically active. Standing while working can help you to burn more calories than sitting down.

If a standing desk is not in your budget, a simple shelf built out of wood planks can make your current desk into a standing desk quickly and economically. Even raising your current workstation might be a quick fix. Just make sure the design allows you to rest your arms so that it is ergonomic. A kitchen chef mat is a great addition to protect your back while standing. Designs and ideas for DYI standing desks can be found online.

Stay Hydrated

6) Stay hydrated 

Much has been published about the importance of staying hydrated and with good reason. Even mild dehydration can lead to fatigue and headaches. Simply going several hours without drinking water or a water-based beverage, can lead to mild dehydration. Some surprising indications that you need to drink more water are hunger and craving for sweets. Taking a moment to check in with yourself to notice if you need water versus food, can save you tons of calories throughout the day.

Prolonged dehydration can lead to much more severe symptoms I knew and disrupt the heart’s rhythm. An easy way to tell if you’re getting enough fluid is the frequency in which you need to use the restroom, and that urine is a light color.

Eat light during the day

7) Eat light during the day

Conventional wisdom differs on whether we should eat our most substantial meal at midday or whether we should eat smaller portions throughout the day. But lifestyle has to be considered when making any important decisions about your health.

If your job is relatively sedentary and you’re only getting a modest amount of exercise, having a big meal can leave you tired rather than refueled. Our digestion takes a tremendous amount of energy. So, if you hit the gym at 6 AM and burn a couple of thousand calories, you need to refuel to have power throughout the day.

But if you’re like most people with a relatively sedentary job, eating light and perhaps more frequently will give you the fuel you need what about leaving you feeling tired and bogged down. Keep in mind that what you eat is the most essential factor. Eating too many carbohydrates can cause blood sugar drops, hunger, and weight gain. A balance of protein, fats, carbs Is satisfying and signals the brain to shut down the hunger reflex.

If you actively want to increase your lifespan, these tips are proven to lower your risk factors for diseases that can be debilitating. Regardless of whether you are a temporary or a full-time remote worker, making good choices daily, can help you stay healthy, fit, and happy for the long run.

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