A First Aid Station In The Workplace Can Be A Life-Saver

A First Aid Station In The Workplace Can Be A Life-Saver

A first aid station in the workplace can be a life-saver. That may be a big claim but it is 100% true!

In today’s fast-paced world, an emergency can happen at any time. Being able to respond quickly and effectively can mean the difference between life and death for everyone involved.
Having a first aid kit can help prevent injuries in many ways. For example, it can help deal with common injuries, such as cuts and burns. Being prepared can provide support for workers who are injured on the job, preventing injuries from getting worse or resulting in extended time off work. Lost of workdays can be hard not just on the employer but on families that depend on their income. In addition, first aid stations can help reduce the number of work-related injuries from happening in the first place. They can also help employees report accidents and wrongdoing without fear of retribution. It’s also a great way to keep employees safe, raise awareness about CPR and First Aid, which is essential for everyone in the workplace, including visitors.
A well-stocked first aid station can prevent infections, reduce pain,  help to speed up wound healing and recovery time. OSHA has requirements for First Aid Kits and First Aid Stations.
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What Makes A First Aid Kit A First Aid Station?

A first aid kit is vital for the safety of your employees.  However, if you have to search for multiple first aid items and assembling a complete and comprehensive first aid kit yourself can seem like a daunting task.

First and foremost, a first aid kit is vital for the safety of your employees. A lack of first aid supplies can lead to injuries that could have been prevented had proper care been available.

By ensuring that it is stocked with all the supplies necessary for wound treatment, antiseptics, antibiotic creams, and medications.

You’ll also need a variety of supplies, including bandages, gauze pads, scissors, tweezers, and antiseptic ointment. In addition, make sure the first aid station is well-maintained and up-to-date.

By stocking up on a first aid kit, you are ensuring that everyone in your workplace has access to the necessary medical supplies in case of an emergency.  It can also provide  calm place for the injured employee to rest while the injury is being cared for. In addtion, having a first aid station and emergency medical instructions can help prevent injuries from occurring.

Industries We Service

Industries:  restaurants and food service, manufacturers, hospitality – hotels and cruise liners, healthcare & hospitals, nursing homes, just to name a few.

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A First Aid Station Can Boost Employee Morale

Maintaining workplace morale is essential in order to avoid any friction and maintain a positive working environment. First and foremost, it ensures that no one falls behind in their work – even if there are external factors that make this difficult. This way, everyone can focus on their task at hand without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. In case of an emergency, having a first aid station prepared will help to save lives. Besides keeping everyone safe physically, it also helps keep the entire office running smoothly and prevents accidents from happening unnecessarily. In addition to this preventive measure, maintaining workplace morale also has psychological benefits- like increased engagement and motivation among employees which translates into better productivity levels overall.
A well-stocked first aid kit can help speed up wound healing
When employees are injured on the job with cuts and open wounds, the bacteria may cause further infections.  The wound should be cleaned, and remove any foreign objects and dirt.  If possible apply antibiotic ointment to the wound to prevent infection.
A properly equipped first aid station can also speed up wound healing time significantly. This is especially beneficial if someone suffers from a cut or scrape at work – having access to bandages and ointment will help prevent infection from setting. Immediate wound care can make the difference between a minor event and an infection that is out of control.

What Are The Most Important Items To Keep Stocked?

Based on our customers feedback, sales and OSHA requirements there are essentials that every well stocked First Aid Station must have:

  •  Antibacterial / Antiseptic wipes
  • Antibiotic creams & ointments
  • Bandages
  • Gauze pads
  • Medical tapes
  • Latex gloves or Nitrile gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Splint
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation bag, airway, or pocket mask for protection
  • Tablets for pain relief
  • First aid for eye care


First Aid Kits & First Aid Stations

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What If We Need Equipment For Trauma Care?

We have your back! There are industries and accidents that set the stage for the need for more serious equipment and supplies. If you need CPR supplies or emergency oxygen as part of your First Aid Station or kits, we will keep you stocked for those moments that lives may hang in balance.

What Our Customers Have To Say


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It’s one thing for us to say how helpful being prepared with a First Aid Station can be, but no one says it better than our customers! See some of their testimonials here.

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