How Non Slip Restaurant Shoes Save The Day

How Non Slip Restaurant Shoes Save The Day

Non Slip Restaurant Shoes Revolutionize the Food Service Industry

Workers serving & working in fast-paced restaurants or in fast-food environments often work in small, tight spaces.  During busy workdays, many restaurant workers face the risks of slip and fall injuries.  Wet floors from spilled water & other spilled liquids can often cause serious slip and fall accidents.  Oil, butter, & grease on the kitchen floor also can also cause complicated injuries. But what if they wore non slip restaurant shoes, or better yet, had easy-to-slip-on non-slip shoe covers for all types of footwear.

Workers’ Challenges…

When restaurant workers are working in the busy drive-through windows, behind the counters, or running around the dining areas, they are most likely required to be on their feet all day.   By the end of the day,  many of the restaurant workers will suffer from exhaustion.   The restaurant workers’ legs and feet can also experience pain and fatigue from prolonged hours of standing and walking.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

In addition to the fatigue and the pressure directly put on the feet,  workers in fast-paced foodservice industries also face the risks of slipping and falling hazards.  Especially, if they don’t have comfortable shoes with strong anti-slip soles on the bottom of the shoes.  Shoes without a strong grip on slippery surfaces can lead to many work-related problems & injuries.

Slip trip and fall are probably the most common restaurant risks and accidents.  Many of the specialty non slip work shoes are very expensive.  Restaurant workers need to have comfortable non slip restaurant shoes to help them ease the pain while being on their feet all day.  Workers also need a good pair of non slip restaurant shoes or covers.  This will help them to feel more comfortable while doing a good job.  Workers are happy knowing that they’re protected from unnecessary slip and fall injuries.




Food Service Staff Stories

Jill’s Story:    Jill works full-time at a busy bakery-cafe & restaurant, and is hoping to get a promotion to be a manager.  Her family depends on her income and she is always looking for opportunities to advance.  She takes great care of her family, and she happily works extra shifts to be able to provide for her children and surprise them with the gifts they asked for on their birthdays and other holidays.  She cannot risk missing days off work or lost income.

Jill wears her Tiger Grip easy-grip overshoes to protect her from falling on wet, slippery, & greasy floors.   The tapered toe design has a trip-guard, which protects her feet from tripping hazards.  Above all the safety features of the non slip restaurant overshoes, Jill’s also keeping her favorite pair of work shoes looking almost brand new.  She even saves extra money by making her regular work shoes last much longer.




Kitchen Crew

Shane’s Story:    Shane is the lead cook at a fast-paced restaurant chain. He aspires to be a chef someday and works hard to show his talents and support his family.  Shane’s on his feet all day.  He manages his kitchen crew, looks out for everyone’s safety. He is constantly moving around to cook up the best dishes for his customers and ensure quality by all the staff.

Shane feels comfortable wearing his Easy Max shoe covers over his work boots or over his running shoes.  The versatile fit and strong grip of Tiger Grip’s Easy Max helps Shane to move swiftly around the kitchen without fear of slipping.  Best of all, Shane can focus on his work, his passion, his creativity, and his acclaimed food in the midst of a hectic environment, without having to worry about his own safety or the safety of his crew.

Restaurant Managers and Owners

Alexis’s Story: Alexis manages a busy restaurant.  Every day there are dozens of tasks, people and customers to think about.  Keeping her restaurant running smoothly is her #1 priority so that she can focus on food quality and customer service. She spends a fair amount of time in the “back of the house” ensuring staffing meets demand, deliveries are correct, the kitchen runs at peak performance, and busboys and dishwashers are keeping busy.

Safety is paramount to her restaurant’s success.  In the back of the house & in front of the house,  she personally uses The Visitor Slip-On   when she wears comfortable heels,  and the Easy Grip with flats to avoid slips on wet and greasy floors.  The shoe covers also protect her shoes from getting ruined and prevent her from potential falls. Her overall safety record has improved greatly since she provided her cooking and dishwashing staff with  Easy Grip  shoe protection as well. After safety, the best part is the restaurant shoe slip ons are reusable and washable so she saves on lost time from accidents and on purchasing Easy Grip shoe covers for the staff.  Her employees appreciate it. They miss less time from slips and falls and their work shoes last longer. All this makes her boss happy.


Work Place Foot Protection Program

Tiger Grip’s Non Slip restaurant shoes are the perfect solution for people working in the restaurant and fast-food industries.  The overshoes are stylish, easy to put on, and it’s extremely economical.  Best of all, the also protects your favorite shoes from being ruined by dirt, grime, grease, scuffing, and the usual wear & tear.  You can now wear your shoes for a much longer period because the overshoes will help to make it last 50%-75% longer.

The complete line of Tiger Grip non-slip overshoes provides cost-effective and efficient solutions.   In addition, its craftsmanship is superior!   The non slip restaurant overshoes provide comfortable foot protection solutions for many applications.  Whether the employees are working in the kitchen area or in restaurants’ dining areas,  or any other slippery work areas, Tiger Grip’s non slip restaurant shoes are essential in preventing slip & fall injuries.



Foot Protection Safety Standards

The ASTM F2413 standard is used to protect workers from a wide variety of hazards, and help protect workers from different types of minor & serious injuries.  The ASTM F2913 is specifically used to measure and to test the “Coefficient of Frictions”, or the “COF”.  Furthermore, this important testing process is used by manufacturers and safety organizations to effectively evaluate the slip performances on various test surfaces.

All Tiger Grip products meet and exceed both American safety guidelines and European safety standards.  As a result, you can have complete peace of mind that each pair of Tiger Grip’s non slip restaurant shoes are very well-made, durable, and comfortable.  It can and will help you to do an excellent job each and every time.  We promise that you will love Tiger Grip’s complete line of non slip overshoes.

Tiger Grip’s non slip overshoes’ features:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible design & natural fit
  • Tapered toe design as a trip guard, which help to prevent tripping hazards
  • Achieved high Coefficient of Friction “COF” scores up to 0.54 for glycerin slippery surfaces,  up to 0.64 for water or regular wet slippery surfaces, and up to 0.62 for oily & greasy slippery surfaces for complete Anti-Slip protection
  • Easy to wash or rinse off
  • Environmentally friendly & reusable


* For a Flexible & Extra Comfort-fit, please Choose 1 size larger than your regular shoe size.


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