Non Slip Shoes for Women – Making Restaurants Workers Safer

Non Slip Shoes for Women – Making Restaurants Workers Safer

So why are non slip shoes for women suddenly an important topic? In the past few years, there’s been a rise in female celebrity restaurant owners, female celebrity chefs, and females in high-level management positions.  According to the National Restaurant Association, over 60% of American women have worked in the restaurant and food service industries at some point in during their working years.  According to statistics, women are more likely to hold mid-level to senior level management roles in the restaurant industry than other industries.

With the rise of women in the food service industries, there’s also a great need to ensure safety in front of the restaurant and also in the back-kitchen areas with non slip shoes for women.

The Easy Grip non-slip restaurant shoes for women can be easily put on your regular shoes. See our selection here.

What Conditions Cause Slip Trip & Fall Accidents?

When working in environments with wet and oily floors, slip trip and fall accidents occur due to low traction or no traction from the sole of the workers’ shoes.  Tiger Grip’s nonslip shoes for women are the perfect protective gears for restaurant workers.  Workers need nonslip shoes that have excellent traction to have strong tractions and grip on wet and slippery surfaces.  Tiger Grip’s Easy Grip Nonslip shoes have excellent grip coefficient.  As a result, it will help workers walk and move around wet and oily areas freely and being protected from the painful risks of slip trip and fall hazards.

Same-level walking surface falling hazards account for 55% – 60% of the slip trip and fall accidents.  OSHA mandates employers to train employees that have risk exposures to slip trip and fall hazards.

Restaurants that provide non slip shoes for restaurant workers will help to reduce slip trip and fall accidents.

Non slip Shoes for Women With Easy Grip Confidence

Non slip Shoes for WomenWhether the restaurant employees are working in front of the house or back of the house. the employers will need to discuss safety issues on how to prevent slip trip and fall accidents.

Since one out of six work-related injuries is related to fall hazards, employees with the proper nonslip protective footwear will be protected from slipping and falling hazards.

When female workers need non slip shoes for women, Tiger Grip’s Easy Grip will be the perfect safety solution.   Each pair of Tiger Grip Easy Grip Nonslip overshoes is designed to fit comfortably over your regular shoes.  The flexible and expandable design will help fit over various shoe styles and shoe sizes:

  • Made with high-quality rubber material that surpasses the regular standards of tear, abrasion, and oil resistance
  • Provides stability and ease of movement while walking around wet and slippery surfaces
  • Outstanding Grip Coefficient to help prevent slipping and falling hazards.
  • Restaurant workers can walk and work with confidence knowing that their Tiger Grip nonslip shoes will help them stay safe worry-free
  • Tiger Grip Nonslip Restaurant Shoes for men and women can be easily cleaned

Employers’ Safety Compliances

Statistics have shown that employers that take the initiative to care for their employees’ safety needs will be greatly rewarded.

When employees are safe and have fewer accidents:

  • Injuries are reduced
  • Loss of wages and loss of workdays are greatly reduced
  • Tiger Grip Easy Grip overshoes help businesses grow by avoiding costs setbacks
  • They are more productive
  • The environment is safer and can reduce insurance premiums

High-Level Coefficient Of Friction For Extra Security

When employees walk and move around all day in restaurants, they need to have shoes with excellent traction.  The traction or a coefficient of friction, simply measures how much force is required for an object or a person to move from one area to another.  When there’s no traction or zero coefficient on the soles of the shoes, it implies that there’s no gripping on a surface while walking, and will inevitably result in slip trip an fall hazards. That’s why you’ve got to have sole!

The standard gripping coefficient in preventing slipping and falling accidents are between 0.5-0.6.  Tiger Grip’s Easy Grip Nonslip shoes have a built-in standard coefficient of friction up to 0.62.  Tiger Grip’s nonslip overshoes provide excellent slip resistant functions.  It’s engineered to provide extra comfort, flexibility, support, and superior traction grips to help ensure workers’ safety all day and every day!

Each Pair Fits Up To 3 Shoe Sizes – Keeps Inventory and Costs Low

Employers will only need to keep a few sizes in stock and still be able to protect employees with shoe sizes ranging from 5-13!

Tiger Grip’s non slip shoes for women provide you with the most effective traction against slip trip & fall accidents.  Imagine a $25 pair of overshoes preventing an expensive accident in time lost and money.

Non slip shoes for women by Tiger Grip are comfortable too. Wear high heels? Ask about our overshoes for wearing heels!

The Easy Grip non-slip restaurant shoes for women can be easily put on your regular shoes. See our selection here.


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