Revolutionary Steel Toe Overshoes With Light-weight Titanium Toe Cap by Tiger Grip

Revolutionary Steel Toe Overshoes With Light-weight Titanium Toe Cap by Tiger Grip

What are Steel Toe Overshoes and Is There a Better Alternative?

Steel toe overshoes and Steel Toe Shoes are made with a permanent steel or titanium insert reinforcement inside the shoes.  The strong steel toe cap helps to cover your toes from high impact injuries.  Some of these painful injuries result from falling objects, compression from rolling machines, heavy machinery, and many other heavy objects falling directly onto your feet.   Sound important?  It is!
Steel Toe Overshoes Alternative – Tiger Grip Titanium

Steel Toe Overshoes’ Innovations

The biggest innovation in steel toe overshoes is the light-weight titanium overshoes.  The strong titanium offers superior toe & feet protection against high impact falling and rolling objects.  In addition, the strong innovative alloy titanium material weights 50% lighter than the traditional steel plate.

Steel Toe Shoes’  innovation is now made from the light-weight titanium.   Using titanium material for the steel toe shoe protection provides a stronger and lighter for solution for your feet.  Sounds simple?  It is!  But it is also the most overlooked aspect when it comes to safety in the workplace.  Just like any other personal protection equipment (PPEs), wearing the proper foot protection for a specific task is necessary, in order to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

OSHA requires employers to ensure that each employee is using protective footwear in areas with significant risks of injury from falling/rolling objects.  In addition,  any objects that could pierce through the sole are considered to be high risks.  Foot protection is also needed in areas with electrical hazards like static discharge.

Who needs foot protection?

Foot protection, or PPEs in general, are usually associated with manufacturing and construction.  While these are true, it is not necessarily limited to these industries alone.  In fact, if your work entails regularly carrying 20 lbs + loads or more, you should already be considering wearing the proper foot protection.  Some of these important industries are in food processing, hospitality, distributions, and many other different types of manufacturing facilities.

Why do you need Steel Toe Overshoes Protection?

The average cost of a crushing foot injury can be as high as $7,000 – $25,000+, when you factor in lost time from work, medical bills and the dreaded insurance claims.

According to many of the Health Professionals & Orthopedic Surgeons, some of the typical medical fees are from an emergency room, medical office visits,  x-rays, surgical, and non-surgical treatments.  Some of the medical procedures may include the realignment of the broken bones and the fractured bones in the toes & feet areas.   In some cases, surgery may also be necessary.   It all depends on the severity of the toe crushing injuries and/or feet crushing injuries.

Many of the problems stemmed from painful injuries can be alleviated!   The loss of workdays can also be prevented by adhering to an excellent foot protection program.

Are Titanium Overshoes a better alternative to Steel Toe overshoes?

In the past, many of the protective toe shoes’ and steel toe shoes’ reinforcements were manufactured from strong composite materials.  Some of these materials include plastic, thermoplastic polyurethane, and also steel. Hence the strong materials are the crucial elements to protect workers’ feet and toes from heavy crushing objects.

The steel toe overshoe protection and composite toe shoe protection are capable to protect workers from injuries.  However, many workers feel that some of the steel toe overshoes or composite toe shoes are not very comfortable due to the rigid designs.  The workers also feel that the heavy steel toe plate and the composite toe resins are heavy on their feet, and are often not very comfortable for the workers to move around.

This is where Safety Toe Overshoe and Tiger Grip’s innovation comes in for workers, managers, and visitors!

Tiger Grip’s Safety Steel Toe Overshoes Innovation in Titanium

Tiger Grip is the leader of innovative safety overshoes in Europe and in North America.  Through its superior engineering and design, Tiger Grip manufactures safety overshoes that are strong, lightweight, and very comfortable.

All the safety toe overshoes have the strong aluminum/titanium alloy materials that can withstand up to 45 pounds of heavy falling objects.  In addition, the lightweight titanium material is strong and is much lighter than the regular steel toe plate. As a result, wearing a pair of Tiger Grip safety toe shoes will make the person feel 50% – 75% lighter on their feet.

It doesn’t take a scientist to deduce that lighter on their feet = more productivity!

What Industries Benefit from Tiger Grip’s Safety Steel Toe Overshoes Alternative?

Workers that are working in manufacturing plants, food processing plants, distribution facilities, industrial facilities, wholesalers & retailers could greatly benefit by wearing a pair of strong & lightweight safety overshoes.   The Occupational Legislation & leading insurance companies highly recommend that workers need a workplace foot protection program, in order to protect workers from avoidable painful injuries.

Many of the leading causes of toe crushing injuries result from workers working in high-risk environments.   Many of the toe crushing accidents happen due to the falling & flying of heavy objects, rolling objects, heavy pieces of machinery, heavy materials, tools, and heavy boxes.  When handling such workplace responsibilities, workers need to wear safety steel toe shoes, with excellent impact and compression protection.

Steel Toe Shoes Foot Protection Standards

ASTM-2413 has important standard specifications for workers’ foot protection performance requirements.  Some of these standards require that the workers’ protective footwear must have toe cap protection, meet the impact-resistant requirement, and also comply with the basic safety requirements with anti-slip or slip-resistant properties. Link to ASTM-2413 provided by the Univesity of Nebraska.

Tiger Grip’s titanium safety overshoes exceed the compliance of occupational legislation and safety requirements for impact protection and compression protection.

If you don’t see your industry on the list, let us know and we will make sure to include your suggestion.

Tiger Grips’ Safety Toe Overshoes Promise

Each pair of Tiger Grip’s safety toe overshoes have been rigorously tested for its safety features.  All of the safety footwear components have been tested to pass and exceed the safety requirements of the occupational standards and recommendations.

The safety overshoes’  titanium toe protection has super strong & lightweight features.   The aluminum/titanium alloy material provides even stronger protection than the regular steel toe overshoes.  This feature alone can help to protect workers from many of the avoidable toe crushing injuries. In addition, the lightweight and strong durable titanium toe cap can also protect workers from sharp objects, sharp and heavy tools piercing through the toes, and feet.

Revolutionary Light-weight Titanium Toe Cap

Foot Protection Program At Work

Tiger Grip’s safety overshoes also protect workers from many of the slip trip and fall accidents.  The anti-slip soles provide workers feet with a super-strong grip to the floor surface against any slippery liquid, oil & grease.  One of the best features is that it doesn’t leave any dirty markings on the floor.  As a result, Tiger Grip’s Steel Toe Overshoes will be a perfect fit for any workplace foot protection program.

Tiger Grip’s Titanium Steel Toe Overshoes’ Features:

Tiger Grips’ safety overshoes are made from environmentally friendly rubber trees.  The flexible and comfortable rubber material helps workers to reduce feet fatigue. Its flexible and ergonomic design will help you feel very comfortable.  Whether you’re doing a lot of standing or walking throughout your day.

The safety overshoes are super comfortable because of its flexible designs and innovative features.  It’s lightweight, it provides ergonomic support to the bottom & the sides of your feet, and also gives a snug fit while protecting your whole feet.  Offers complete slip and fall resistant protection!

Workers feel that they naturally stand up straight with excellent ergonomic support, move around easily & effortlessly throughout their work facilities.  When you slip on a pair of Tiger Grip safety overshoes, it’ll definitely provide you with all the great benefits. Your feet will thank you for giving it the best & the most comfortable protection all day.
The insole support of the Tiger Grip safety overshoes will keep your feet ergonomically and economically happy!
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Flexible & Expandable Sizes

  • The patented technology and the comfortable designs of Tiger Grip overshoes are carefully manufactured to accommodate many shoe sizes.  From sizes 5-13+ .
  • All of the safety steel toe overshoes are color-coded for easy size identifications.
  • The safety overshoes have patented accordion designs for superior comfort. Some safety overshoes designs also have easily adjustable & flexible straps.  Provides Easy Slip-On & Slip-Off within just a few seconds.
Ask your workplace supervisor to contact us about its foot protection program and put on a pair of Tiger Grip safety overshoes today.
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