Slip Resistant Overshoes – Reusable and Tough

Slip Resistant Overshoes – Reusable and Tough

Do your Slip Resistant Overshoes meet the ASTM F2913 Safety Standard?

The American Society for Testing and Material have specifications for protective footwear’s required testing, functionality, performance, designs, prescribed fits, and classification requirements.
The general purpose for the ASTM F2413 standard is to protect workers from a wide variety of hazards, and preventing workers from different types of minor & serious injuries.  The ASTM F2913 is specifically used to test and measure the “Coefficient of Frictions”, which evaluates the slip performance on various test surfaces.

This ASTM F2913 testing method determines how well the protective footwear’s material, grip coefficient, slip resistant, frictional resistant functions can protect workers from various floors surfaces with grease, oil, water, and other slippery liquid materials at the workplace.

With physically demanding work requirements in the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, and engineering facilities,  employers that provide the proper safety footwear program or their employees can help protect workers from many slip, trip and fall accidents.


Easy Grip Black – Anti-Slip OvershoesAccording to leading insurance companies’ statistics, nationwide slip trip and fall accidents can cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.  Tiger Grip’s nonslip shoes for men and nonslip shoes for women meet and exceed the ASTM F2913 standard of safety.

Since 2009 Tiger Grip’s safety protective footwear has surpassed the rigorous testing requirements from the American Society for Testing & Material,  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO Standards), and Personal Protective Equipment Testings (PPE.)

The traction safety tests determine how well the nonslip shoes will grip to various types of slippery surfaces.  A zero coefficient or zero gripping of the surface while walking will mean that the person is very likely to slip and may experience painful injuries.  When the coefficient testing number is higher than 0.5, then it means that the person has good traction to the walking surfaces and the protective footwear has slip resistant functions that help to protect the person from serious slip and fall hazards.

Slip Resistant Overshoes For Men & Women Features

  • Composition: 100% rubber.
  • Professional use: For greasy, wet and slipping surfaces
  • Hand, machine and autoclave washable – Let them dry naturally
  • Outstanding grip coefficient
  • Stretch fit structure: 4 Sizes from size 4 to 13
  • Color-coded sizes: identify the size at a single glance
  • Can be adapted to most kind of footwear
  • A hygienic and comfortable solution
  • Reusable and waterproof
  • Tiger-grip ® antislip sole with self-cleaning studs
White None Slip Overshoes – Easy Grip

You wear your own shoes to work. You want to protect them and save on the life of your shoes. Are they beautiful, practical or just plain janes? These “Rubbery Duckling”  non slip overshoes can extend the life of your shoes and let you make your fashion statement.

The best non slip rubber overshoes for men and women are determined by how well the safety soles and slip resistant features protect workers from slippery surfaces.  Tiger Grip’s nonslip overshoes are revolutionary in preventing workers from slip trip and fall accidents.  It has been rigorously tested for abrasions against oil and grease surfaces.  It also has very strong slip-resistant overshoes function against different types of slippery material surfaces.
The rubber material used in the slip-resistant overshoes is innovative, flexible, and comfortable.  It comfortably stretches and forms a snug fit around your feet, to you move around easily and keep you walking comfortably all day at work.
Tiger Grip’s Easy Grip with Non Slip soles is made for workers that want day-long comfort.   With the flexible high tech rubber materials and the soft flexible upper design, it’s specially molded to cradle your heals & soles against slippery surfaces.  The high-performance comfortable soles will be working hard for you by providing excellent traction to resist oil, grease, chemicals, and other liquid materials.   Tiger Grip non slip overshoes will help you ease through your workday with lasting resilience.

Safety Toe Shoes USA guarantees our products. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return within 30 days for a full return or exchange. 
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