Ice Cleats for Cold Weather Safety

Ice Cleats for shoes and boots are the top safety gear in preventing falling hazards (order below). U.S. Labor Bureau reports approximately 43,000 workplace injuries involving snow, sleet, and ice. Ice cleats help to stabilize workers from slipping and falling on slippery and icy surfaces. Especially in the snow and icy regions, wearing a pair of ice cleats over your shoes and boots will provide you the slip-resistant protection while walking and working. A good pair of ice cleats can protect you from slip & fall injuries, pain and suffering, loss of workdays with a slow recovery time or dangerous accidents at home on icy or snowy surfaces. 

Whether employees are working in icy conditions or residents going outside their neighborhood during the snow season, putting on a pair of protective ice cleats will certainly help keep people safe from falling accidents. The most common slipping and falling accidents occur in ice and snow prone regions.

Many of the injuries occur outside of the buildings, outdoor stairs, ramps, docks, and also while getting in and out of a vehicle in icy conditions. Winter sidewalk accidents are also a major cause of slipping and tripping incidents. Some injuries are minor, while others may lead to broken bones, serious head injuries, or even serious bodily harm. Accountability for employers to help prevent snow, sleet, and ice accidents are necessary safety decisions.

The Best Ice Cleats

Tiger Grip’s Master Grip ice cleats are the perfect safety overshoes solution for icy and snow prone regions. Master Grip ice cleats are safety overshoes to be worn over your own winter shoes or boots. It provides a secure grip, excellent traction, and is super slip resistant on ice. The durable ice cleat design can easily be put on or removed while moving between outdoor and indoor locations. The metal studs and metal cleats are corrosion resistant. It’s also flexible and break-resistant up to -20 degrees Celsius, or -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Master Grip outdoor safety shoes can also be worn while walking in mud. are the best choice for superior traction, unbeatable grip, extra comfort with strength and durability.

For casual walks in any snow region, Tiger Grip offers City Grip snow overshoes. Its modern and sleek design allows you to easily slip it over your shoes. You’ll have complete slip-resistant protection and be comfortable while walking on icy slippery streets. For older folks, these easy to put on ice cleats can make shoveling light snow or icy walkways easier to navigate. 

Master Grip outdoor ice cleats overshoes and City Grip snow overshoes are the perfect safety shoe solutions for your winter outdoor protection. To view or order, these ice cleats, click here or on the picture.

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