Slip Resistant Shoe Covers – Save Lost Work Days and Expensive Claims

Slip Resistant Shoe Covers – Save Lost Work Days and Expensive Claims

Is your workplace equipped with risk assessment programs to help identify potential hazards?  As we all know, accidents happen. Statistics show nearly 20,000 workers have fall-related injuries in any given year.  Many are a result of slips and falls. Many of these falls can occur on elevated surfaces, uneven surfaces, and also on the same level surfaces.

By familiarizing yourself with the common causes for reasons for most frequent fall-related injuries, you are able to help create a safer workplace.

Each year, thousands of slip trip and fall accidents occur at the workplace due to the lack of the proper slip resistant shoes or employees or visitors not wearing the proper slip resistant shoe covers (overshoes) while on the job. No matter which industry the employees work in, safety concerns remain the top priority.

While some slip resistant shoe covers or overshoes may look the same, there are still exceptional slip resistant shoe covers that manage to be distinctive.  Tiger Grip’s complete line of slip resistant shoes provides unique & safe features while keeping the individuals on the job feeling comfortable and productive all day.

How Do Slip Resistant Shoe Covers by Tiger Grip Protect Individuals from Accidents?

There are many hazardous situations at the workplace that can cause slip trip and fall accidents.   Some of the common injuries are caused by slippery and greasy floor surfaces. With many regular footwear, the bottom of the shoes do not provide enough friction to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

A strong grip from the bottom of your shoes can be measured by how strong the “Coefficient of Friction” numbers scores. The score of 0.4 – 0.5 “Coefficient of Friction” or “COF” indicate that the shoes are likely to have a good grip on slippery surfaces, and can help protect the individual from slip and fall injuries.

Tiger Grip’s slip resistant shoe covers are proud to have exceeded the standard scores of the ISO safety standards, along with other safety industries’ slippery standards.  Depending upon the various types of slippery surfaces, ranging from water, and glycerin, to chemical, oily & greasy surfaces; Tiger Grip’s slip resistant shoes have achieved high “COF” scores up to 0.54 for glycerin slippery surfaces,  up to 0.64 for water or regular wet slippery surfaces, and up to 0.62 for oily & greasy slippery surfaces.

Tiger Grips’ Easy Max Slip Resistant Shoe Covers

Easy Max Slip Resistant Overshoes provide individuals with excellent grip on various slippery floor surfaces.  Its unique and flexible design allows individuals to put on the Easy Max slip resistant shoe cover to comfortably protect and cover the worker’s boots, sports shoes, catering shoes, and other regular footwear.

The flexible material provides superior comfort to your feet and allows the individuals to move around easily, comfortably, while having complete safety protection from slip and fall injuries on the job. In addition, it leaves no marking on the floor and it’s washable. Easy Max slip resistant shoe covers are the essential footwear safety equipment to completely protect workers in preventing slipping accidents.

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Examining Easy Max’s comfort

Easy Max slip resistant shoe covers are made for individuals working in the hospitality industries, food manufacturers, restaurant industries & catering industries, health care facilities, and hospitals.   The unique flexible rubber design allows the worker’s feet to move around the work environments and facilities comfortably. The flowing curved top, sides and back of the slip resistant overshoes hug the individual’s feet with a soft & cushiony feel.  Your feet will love your good choices for superior protection & comfort; especially during your work hours and also at the end of the day.

Easy Max has a wider toe area and platform engineered to easily fit over large shoes, work boots, hiking boots, and also for large and wide sports shoes.   It’s also very lightweight and it’ll give you a feeling of effortless movements for your feet. Best of all, it’s specifically designed to keep you safe from pain or injuries from slip & fall accidents.

Slip Resistant Overshoes for Visitors

When your company or facilities have managers and visitors visiting your workplace, it’s important to keep your visitors safe from slipping hazards.  Easy Max slip resistant shoe covers will consistently deliver their promise to keep your visitors comfortable and safe while touring your work plants. Easy Max’s superior design and flexibility come in 5 sizes.  S, M, L, XL, XXL to completely fit men’s & women’s shoe sizes ranging from 5-13.

Easy Grip Slip Resistant Overshoes

Tiger Grip’s line of Easy Grip slip resistant overshoes is designed to protect workers from various slip and fall injuries while on the job.  Individuals that work in the restaurant industries, food manufacturing industries, healthcare industries and labs will find the Easy Grip slip resistant overshoes to be very effective in preventing slip and fall accidents.

Demanding work environments often require workers to move around quickly and safely.  How do you know if you have proper footwear protection while on the job?

A good pair of shoes that have good traction, a strong grip coefficient number can help you achieve your goals.  Tiger grip’s Easy Grip slip resistant overshoes are the answer to your safety needs while providing superior comfort to your feet.


Slip Resistant Shoe Cover by Tiger Grip

Tiger Grip Slip Resistant Shoes Covers Innovation

When workers get up in the morning preparing for work, the individuals usually pick out their favorite pair of shoes for its style and comfort.  However, some of these daily wear shoes’ soles do not have the required tractions or safety features to keep the individuals safe and free of work injuries.  

With the Tiger Grip’s innovative slip resistant shoe covers, working individuals can now have the ability to wear their favorite shoes, simply by slipping on a pair of Easy Max slip resistant shoe covers or the Easy Grip slip resistant shoe covers.  

Slip resistant overshoes by Tiger Grip is the superior alternative to the regular slip resistant work shoes.   Millions of workers worldwide work in physically demanding environments. Many of these jobs are in the food manufacturing industry, restaurant & food service industries, big-box wholesalers & retailers, manufacturing facilities, healthcare services, hospitals, and laboratories.  

If the company’s goals are to keep workers and visitors safe and minimize painful injuries, Easy Max Slip Resistant Overshoes and Easy Grip Slip Resistant Overshoes are your perfect choices for happy and safe workers.

This is such an important topic, we have a follow-up blog in January 2021 to talk about The Seven Common Causes of Slip Trip and Fall Injuries and How to Prevent Them.

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Puncture resistant by Safety Toe Shoes USA

Information On Other Foot Related Injuries

There are other important workplace hazards such as feet & toe crushing, sole puncture accidents that managers and workers need to take into consideration.  When employees are injured on the job, they may have to endure a lot of pain & suffering, and it  may even take them a long time to recover from.  With the proper safety protection program, you can help your staff avoid the the chances of slip trip & fall, toe & feet crushing accidents, and puncture wound injuries.
Whether your workplace is a small business, mid-size companies, or a large multi-national corporation, risk management is a vital part of the organization’s operation. Helping your staff to properly identify potential workplace hazards, providing them the appropriate safety solutions can help to transform your organization and help to save lives.

For more info on Tiger Grip’s revolutionary workplace foot protection program and puncture related injuries see our informative article on the topic here. 

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