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Ice Cleats Snow Spikes For Shoes – Master Grip -Size Small only-Closeout

Ice Cleats Snow Spikes For Shoes – Master Grip -Size Small only-Closeout


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CLOSEOUT - Limited Stock

Master Grip Ice and Snow Overshoes Features

  • Composition: Rubber and spikes in steel
  • Professional or leisure use: Against the risk of slipping and failing when outdoors
  • Range of interchangeable spikes
  • Velcro comfort strap: 3 sizes from 4 to 13!
  • Can be adapted to most footwear
  • Reusable


SNOW SPIKES FOR SHOES AND BOOTS (Ice Cleats with Optional Accessories)

  • Interchangeable studs for the best grip on different outdoor surfaces
  • 3 SIZES for all shoe sizes
  • Snow spikes for shoes fit most sizes


For the proper use of snow spikes for shoes, it is important to ensure that the overshoes fit neatly over the user’s footwear.

Choose your size for classic footwear and one size more for larger footwear.


  • Unstable surfaces like icy and snowy surfaces
  • Mountain work | uneven terrain
  • Forestry | moist, slippery soil
  • Road maintenance
  • Home and work snow shoveling



  • Slip resistance on ice

Master Grip is an over-shoe that has four interchangeable studs under the sole.  You will be able, according to the surface on which you evolve, to change the crampons with extreme ease.

  • The Velcro Comfort strap allows adjustment on any type of shoe.
  • Comfortable solution: you can keep your personal shoes whether they are with or without heels.
  • Functional and space-saving storage
  • 5 types of interchangeable studs for optimum comfort and maximum grip
  • Ease of use: The cleats are changed in the blink of an eye with the key!
  • Master-grip is supplied with “Ice-grip Steel” studs mounted. The other crampons are to be ordered separately.
  • Easy to use: screw-unscrew, in no time the crampon is mounted!

Each pair is packed in a reinforced individual bag. – Hand washable – Let them dry naturally – Store in a dry place, away from temperature variation – Do not use below a temperature of -20°c. – Spikes should be checked before each use. To be replaced if damaged

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in
Size Small

Sold Per Pair

* For common city surfaces, like walking on icy sidewalks see our City Grip ice cleats here.

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